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I. About Karya Abadi Utama
Was founded in Tangerang in 2010. As a company provides engineering solution and procurement to General Industry companies in Indonesia.

II. Our Vision
To be recognized as reputable Engineering and Procurement Company in Indonesia market

III.Our Mission
Delivering services through high quality Engineering and Procurement standards to ensure Customer satisfaction

IV. Our Products
1. ROSEMOUNT ( Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, Conductivity Sensor, etc)
2. YOKOGAWA ( Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter)
3. MANUAL VALVE ( Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Swing, etc)
4. YAMATAKE/ AZBIL ( Pressure and Temperature Transmitter)
5. HONEYWELL ( Pressure, Temperature Transmitter, FSC module)
6. DANIEL SENIOR ORIFICE and Orifice Plate
7. ABB ( Pressure and Temperatur Transmitter, Electric Motor)
8. ENDRESS and HAUSER ( Pressure, Temperature and Level Transmitter)
9. SPX-GD ENGINEERING ( Bandlock, Safety Seal, etc)
10. FOX ( Accumulator)
11. AMERESCO Solar Cell ( Previously under name BP Solar)

V. Our Customer
1. Petrochina Jabung
2. Pertamina Dumai, Pekanbaru, Balongan
3. Conoco Phillips
4. Petrokimia Gresik
5. PT.Citra Tubindo Engineering
6. PLN Bali
7. Krakatau Steel
8. Amerada Hess ( Cepu)
9. Citic Seram
10. PLTU Pangkalanbun
11. Many more

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